Back Then In Europe: Czech Artists in Totalitarian Regimes 1938 – 1953

Gallery of West Bohemia in Pilsen - Meat Market Exhibition Hall (Plzeň)

Fri 9/21/2017 - Sun 1/20/2018

(Tyflo & Abstrakt)


Sat 10/31/2014 - Fri 12/30/2021

(28 kilometrů na rozhlednu Chlum)


Sat 10/28/2017 7:00


Burgher gabfest (Plzeň)

Wed 11/8/2017 18:30

(Jana Boušková: Má vlast)

House of Music in Pilsen (Plzeň)

Mon 11/13/2017 18:30

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Brewer's Museum

Brewer's Museum

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